DreckPäck – English

This is a trio with something special to offer. Three musicians with a lot of experience, a great love for music and bags of musical talent to go with it. And you will find that out when you hear and see them perform.

They will send you back to the 60s and 70s with Country Blues, Bluegrass and Old Time tunes giving them new life and passion. Those of you, who have lived through these years will immediately feel at home, when you ride the Highway with Bobby McGee, the devil at your heels, and may be you still yearn and dream about what you got up to in your young days, anyhow.

Apart from the evergreens, Blues, Bluegrass, Old Time and Country music are included in their repertoire, demonstrating intense love and understanding of the American folk music tradition.

The three part harmony singing of the group is something special. The full vocal talent of
Gabriele R. Weber will and does chill the spine of any one who hears it. Her voiceis fully in the tradition of where this music came from. She can sing so that she can be heard all over the county. The musical talent on the traditional instruments goes with it – great swinging bass and a high pitched voice of lofty Rainer Diekamp and suberb musicaltalent of Rüdiger Gies, who, as you will hear, is, and always was, a musician by profession.


Gabriele R. Weber – Voice, Guitar, Mandoline
Rainer Diekamp – Voice, Doublebass
Rüdiger Gies – Voice, Banjo, Guitar